We are up and running!

The idea to start Speck Ops has been something on our minds for the past few years.  We wanted a way to build more than just a store, but a community of like minded individuals.  People who think beyond just the normal "sheep mentality", but ones that look at life with their eyes wide open.  

For those of us "Sheep Dogs", we have spent a large part of our lives understanding that we have a responsibility to be prepared.  We need to be vigilant and recognize that sometimes life happens and our personality is to act.  While others sit back, we keep watch.  

Speck Ops is born out of a desire to provide you with some of the tools you may need for your journey.  While we are starting slow, we have big plans.  My hope is you will join us not only as a customer, but as a fellow "Operator" who stands vigilant.  We look forward to your feedback and hope we can be good stewards of your relationship with us.  

Stand Ready-

Speck Ops Team

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