Chance Favors the Prepared

Louis Pasteur the famous scientist is recognized as the one who came up with this famous saying.  Much like Dr. Pasteur, I suspect your life experience has taught you that when you are prepared, your odds of success increase.  

Anyone who has ever been in a situation where they were not prepared understands this all to well.  Being prepared for situations isn't just about having the right training or gear.  It's about having the right mindset.  It's a mindset that says while I might not always have the tactical advantage, I have thought through scenarios beforehand.

Let me give you a few examples: 

1).  When you are going to a crowded restaurant, look for possible exits and preferably have you back to a wall or at least a place where you can keep an eye on the people coming and going.  Look for tactical advantages like sitting in an angle that allows you the ability to escape or attack from the periphery.   

2).  If you are going to walk at night, keep some form of protection with you.  A tactical pen, knife, etc.  Anything that can create the ability to stun your attacker.  Remember, most criminals think they have the element of surprise.  Problem is that when they try and go after "Sheep Dogs" they quickly realize that they have picked the wrong victim.  Stay alert and diligent.  Don't wear headphones or impede your vision.  Walk tall and keep your head on a swivel.  Victims look like victims.  Be confident. 

3).  Don't put yourself in the "line of fire".  There are specific places you can sit in places like movie theaters, churches, or other public places that help you stack the odds of not being in the cross fire.  Sometimes this isn't possible, but when it is, make sure you take advantage of natural barriers, places to hide or areas where active shooters would have a difficult time.  

4).  Prepare your mind and actions.  Have the right "tools" with you.  While not everyone is comfortable carrying a firearm or knife, there are other tools we sell at Speck Ops that can give you close quarter defense.  You need to understand how to use these tools and be proficient so if the time comes, you will be prepared.  

Remember, chance favors the prepared.  Take the lead and be the one out in front who is there to protect family and friends and complete strangers if need be.  The world is not a safe place.  We need to be prepared to face the challenges.  I am confident if you are reading this post you already know that.  And because of that, I would trust you on my "6" any day!

Stand Ready